Saturday, April 23, 2005

I'm finally posting a picture of the blanket I knitted for Jack. I used Trendsetter Blossom color 101 using US#11 needles. This yarn is so soft you don't want to put it down. It's great to work with. Jack loves this blanket, calls it his nimming :) This was my first big item, it's not very even, you can see how my stitches changed through out it, but that's ok, Jack loves it and that is all that matters.

Close Up


Well I've finished a couple projects, but I can't post pictures since they are gifts. So we'll have to wait until after their birthday's to see them. I'm working on another gift right now. Then I've got yarn to make 2 different sweaters for Jack and a Summer Swing Top for my niece. These will be the first real clothing items I've knitted so I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I just place an order for some new circular knitting needles and I can't wait until they get here so I can start working on my new projects. A group of women from a subgroup of my attachment parenting mom's group placed a big order to get a good deal on the price. The person we are buying from has really good deals anyway, Your Wonderland store on eBay, his link is on my page. Anyway it's probably a good thing that they aren't so I can finish what I'm working on now. Ok, I'm off to make some good progress on this current project.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It was way too small to fit on Jack's noggin so I modeled it on one of his teddy bears. I think it turned out really cute and am really happy with it. I will definately knit it up for baby gifts in the future. ...And this yarn is so soft and delicious!

In this picture you can see the eyelets that make it adjustable.

This is a close up of the newborn hat I made for my friend Autumn's baby. It's knitted on US#8 16" Circs, Peruvian Baby Cashmere in Cashmere Blue It was really easy, took me probably 4 hours to finish, I'm sure a more experienced knitter would finish quicker. I doubled the yarn to get worsted weight.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Close up.

Scarf/hood for my MIL Cheryl. Used Schoeller Stahl Volare on US#8.

My first scarf, I knitted it for Mike. I've since ripped it out and re-knitted it :p I used Trendsetter Zucca, very soft.