Saturday, April 23, 2005

I'm finally posting a picture of the blanket I knitted for Jack. I used Trendsetter Blossom color 101 using US#11 needles. This yarn is so soft you don't want to put it down. It's great to work with. Jack loves this blanket, calls it his nimming :) This was my first big item, it's not very even, you can see how my stitches changed through out it, but that's ok, Jack loves it and that is all that matters.


shizzknits said...

Ooooo pretty color! I knitted Conor a blanket out of the same yarn and it's so soft and yummy. Nice job!

Ween said...

I love this color too, I LOVE blue!! Can you tell? Everything I knit is blue! LOL! Actually some of my other items aren't, because they are for other people, so I tried to go with their favorites. Anyway, thanks, but you can't see all the imperfections in the pic :)