Friday, June 13, 2008


So I was on my way home from work yesterday when I saw a guy on a motor cycle in front of me on the off ramp. He was wearing one of those REALLY lame mohawk helmets , but what confused me is that his license place was a handicapped plate. I'm sorry, but I'm confused. If you are handicapped how can you ride a motorcycle? According the the DMV you must meet one of the following criteria:

*Heart or circulatory disease.
*Lung disease.
*A diagnosed disease or disorder that significantly limits the use of lower extremities.
*Specific, documented visual problems, including low-vision or partial-sightedness.
*The loss, or loss of the use, of one or both lower extremities or both hands.

I suppose that he could've had lung disease or some heart problem ... but he looked young. Wouldn't you think riding a motor cycle would be too stressful/dangerous if you had a heart condition. I guess I just can't imagine my gramps with his oxygen tank cruising around on a motor cycle wearing a mohawk helmet.

Just weird.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sad Mama

Jack left yesterday for a trip to his Grandparents house in Georgia. Cheryl came in Tuesday night and took him back yesterday. This was his first time flying across the country. I was a little nervous that I wasn't with him. But I knew he'd be fine. He's adjusting well and having lots of fun with his grandparents, so that makes me happy. I got news this morning that he had 8 Oreo cookies for dinner last night, with a glass of milk. Oy. I guess that's the fun part of going away to grandma's house ... you get SPOILED to death!

It was so quiet last night. Luke kept looking around for Jack. I must say though, that Luke did enjoy scooting around the house and not being stepped on or tripped over once by his big bro. But I imagine he'll be missing him soon, just like me.

Jack doesn't come home until the 19th. That seems so far away. SIGH.

I'm just glad he's got his cell phone and can call me whenever he wants.

I miss my boy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When is Ok to tell them...

how much you like them? There is all the BS that goes along with dating. Though I don't really feel like there is any BS with Travis, I'm still unsure of all the dating etiquette. I'm really liking him, a lot. But I don't know if it's OK to tell him that yet. It hasn't even been two months. I surely don't want to scare him away, or make him think I'm getting too serious too fast. 'Cuz I'm not. I like the pace we are going. It's nice, it's comfortable, it's easy. Nothing feels forced or insincere. It's all good. I know he knows that I like him, I think that is obvious. And I know he likes me, again, obvious. Maybe we don't need to say anything at all? I guess there's that little part of me that wants to hear the words, just to be sure.

The reality is that I haven't stopped smiling in weeks. I'm loving every single minute we get to spend together. Had another really wonderful date on Sunday. The best part of it was that we didn't really do much and still had fun. Just hung out, watched a movie, made dinner, watched the Lakers game. It feels so good to be so close to someone. It feels so good to trust someone again. It feels good to feel so safe.

OK, this is getting more sappy than I intended. Just wanted to ramble on about stuff. I just have to trust that we're going in the right direction as long as it keeps feeling so good ... and I do trust that.

Conversations with Jack

So last night Jack and I were sitting in the swing at my parents house and talking about the trip he's going to be taking to Georgia. I was explaining that he's going to be all the way on the other side of the United States and how it's really far away. And how he'll fly over lots of mountains, lakes, and rivers. He's listening with wonder. This is a big and exciting trip for him.

Then he turns to me and says "Mom, have you heard about Middle America?", I reply "Yes" and wondering what exactly he is talking about. Then he says "You know they got wiped out by a flood, and now they are rebuilding" I say "Yes, I did hear about that" and then he says, with a very excited yet serious tone "Yeah, they're rebuiding and they're doing things different this time, they're going Green Mom."

He's such a crack up. It's funny the things he picks up. But this story made an impact, and that is a good thing. We proceeded to have a really good conversation about what it meant to live Green.

I'm going to miss him this next week.

Monday, June 02, 2008

My Boys

Let me just say it here and now, for the record. I have the two CUTEST kids in the WORLD! Not that any one would actually question that, I mean, just LOOK at them!

I can hardly believe that Jack will be 6 in just over 3 months, and Luke will be 1 in less than 2 months. Where has the time gone?

Well they're both growing up to be amazing boys. I can't give them enough kisses and hugs. Just love them so much!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bath Time

So much fun to have the kids take a bath together. They have a ball.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another First Date

But this one was with Jack! Yeah, no other new boys, I'm happy where I'm at with Travis :)

Anyway, Jack has been needing some good one on one time with me. So my friend suggested I have a special date night once a month with jack. She does this with her two boys and says they love and appreciate the one on one time with her. So she offered to watch Luke while Jack and I went out on a "date".

We had so much fun. I talked Jack into going to Claim Jumper instead of Mc Donalds. I know I probably should have let him choose, but I thought we'd have more time to visit at CJ. It was a good call.

We played several nail biting rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe . It's hard to believe but Jack won almost EVERY round! He informed me that was because he is the "Best Tic-Tac-Toe player in the WORLD" Geeze, if I would have known that, I would have never challenged him to a game in the first place ;)

For dinner I had Tri Tip and a glass of J. Lohr. Jack had the mini corn dogs. And like the good eater that he always is, he finished the sliced apples and baby apple before his corn dogs and barely touched his fries. I'm not sure how long he'll eat like this, but I'm thankful every day for his good choices.
To wrap up the evening we ran over to Starbucks for a Hot Chocolate. It was rainy tonight, so it was a perfect end to a perfect evening.

Monday, May 19, 2008


About a month ago I met Travis for Sushi, it was our first date. But it wasn't the first time we met. We actually already know each other, kinda. We used to be neighbors on Ave. Monterey. He and the X used to surf all the time, a little strange, but still OK. We have several friends in common. Well, no one that either of us still communicate with. But still, it gave us both a good base of the kind of people we are.

Anyway, we've been pretty regular since then. Seeing each other twice a week. Exchange phone calls and texts each day. Usually a good night phone call too. I'd say I am smitten ... I know, that sounds corny. He's a super sweet guy. We have lots of fun together, but still really mellow. He keeps me smiling.

Did ya notice the graphic? Yep, that's a big 'ole 4th of July firework! It's all good :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today I Bought Jack his first Skateboard. He picked it out himself and he is stoked!

Oh and for the record, after this picture I made him put on his helmet and pads.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Happiest Place On Earth

Like a good American I invested part of my ecomonic stimulus check back into the economy. Rather than pay off bills I purchased Annual Disneyland Passes for Jack and I (Luke is free). Kim, George, & Matthew have passes as well as some of our other friends. We met K,G, & M there on Friday night and got our passes, then hit a few rides. Want to know what the best part was?? Leaving after just a few rides!! NOT feeling like we had to stay ALL day just to get our money's worth. And even after just a few rides the kids were pooped. It was perfect!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby, Baby, Baby

There is nothing more peaceful or beautiful than a sleeping baby. He's so perfect laying there asleep. I can't help but give him kisses and caress his head when he's sleeping like this. I could watch him for hours, we'll if he'd actually sleep that long I could! HA. I used to sit and watch Jack while he was sleeping too.

You look at the picture then, just a few hours later, here's this one. He's hanging out at the pool. He's going to be walking with in a matter of weeks. He's pulling up and walking along all the furniture now. Building those muscles and learning balance. Sigh. My baby isn't going to be a baby for much longer.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Treasure Mapping

This is a process we were doing at my womens group. Bascially you plan out what you want to achieve in the year to come. Some people get real creative and make big posters with pictures, drawings, etc. I didn't have time for that, and I kept it simple. I jotted my thoughts/goals/wants down on a piece of paper. Anyway, the idea is that if you put it out there for the universe it will happen. Buddists say that if you chant your desires, they will be fulfilled. I have a seperate list I "chant" or read, mediate, focus on, about the kind of man I'd like to have share my life.

So here it is world, my treasure map for 2008. These are in no particular order:

organic - nutrition
money - finances
lose weight
home - clean - laundry

LOVE is the center of my treasure map and around it I surrounded it with the qualities I am looking for in a partner
They are:
financially stable
loves children

Thursday, April 03, 2008

We'll Just Call him $12.65

I thought this one had potential. We met for the first time on Friday night. Totally last minute, I almost didn't go, but I was glad I did. He is super cute in person, way better than his profile, so that was a plus. We enjoyed our first date. I actually felt bad during a lull in conversation when I was trying to think of something to say, but not pepper him with questions like he was on a job interview, I blurted out "don't first dates suck". Eek, oops, sorry. He said "you aren't having a good time??" and looked at me all hurt. The fact was I was having a good time. Anyway, I explained myself and we laughed, but yikes. Anyway, he walked me to my car, we had a very nice kiss. He said he'd call. I'd rate chemistry as a Fountain, so pretty good, eh. But still wasn't sure if I would hear from him. There were several times during our date when he mentioned this really great sushi restaurant in costa mesa, that I just had to try. Um ok, perfect opportunity for him to say, I should take you there ... but he didn't.

So I go pick up the boys, we get home. I'm nusring Luke to sleep, and I get a text that says I've got an email from him. I smile, feel anxious for Luke just to go to sleep so I can see what he has to say. I finally get to the computer and he's asking me out for Sushi during the week. Sweet. I make arrangements for a baby sitter, it's all good.

So we met at his place in Irvine. He lives in this massive apartment complex in Irvine, nice community. His apartment is very much the bachelor pad. Clean, in bachelor terms. ...Which is OK in my book, since I'm not the best housekeeper in the world, nice to see that he isn't completely anal. We sat and chatted for a bit, then he excused himself to get his laundry. Not a biggie ... but you knew we were having a date tonight. So he comes back we chat a little more, then talk about dinner. He said he doesn't usually do much on week nights (umm as if I'm out on the town??) and would I mind getting some take out and bringing it back to his place and just hang out. This actually sounded fine to me, since I really am not used to doing much on a week night myself. But at the same time, it still seems a little odd. Anyway, we went and picked up dinner at Pei Wei, it was good. The rest of the evening we talked more, and watched a little tv.

But the more I think about it, I'm bugged. He's quickly become a sparkler. I mean, doing your laundry, chinese take out? I'm not a high maintnence girl, but come one ... he put out a whopping $12.65 for dinner on our 2nd date. Underwhelming...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How I Score Chemistry

So I kinda came up with this scale with my sister. It started out because all men I've been on dates with get compared to GQ. The chemistry with him is like the 4th of July fireworks. So one day, Steph and I were talking about a recent date I'd had, she asked what the connection was like. And I respond with a "ehh, ok". Then Steph says, what like a Sparkler, Pickalo Pete, Fountain, etc?

So that's it, that's how I rate men. It's become quite commical, but I'll start adding their ratings as I review my dates. I'll see if I can find some graphics on the web to add.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008


It's official, Luke is on the move, and we can't stop him.

I need to patten an idea ... some kind of a onsie made out of Swiffer material or a way to affix a Swiffer to his tummy.

Have I mentioned how much I hate my wood floors ... that's for another post.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

First Dates

I had another one on Friday night. It went pretty good. One of the better first dates I've had. But I'm still skeptical. I mean, we're on our best behavior on a first date. LJ's another one that seems too good to be true. But I'm going to go with the flow here and see what happens.

Did you know that country club life really exists? I honestly thought it was something that they did in soap opera's. Had no idea people actually went to "the club" for dinners, dancing, parties, etc. Who knew? LJ might be another one that is out of my league! At the very least it will be a fun ride :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Spoke to Soon

Well back to Match I go.


I'm not sure why it's so hard for men to be honest. I mean, why did you tell me you were off match for good if you weren't going to stay off? And why when I saw you on there did you lie about it, twice? And why didn't you just tell me you wanted to keep dating a little when I asked you if you were SURE you wanted to take your profile off? Bad news Soundman.



And just cause I'm feeling a little mean and bitchy, I'm going to share the song that has been playing in my head for a few days. 'nough said.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nipple Biting

So is this post about dating or babies?? Hard to tell with a title like that! Sadly for me it's about babies. Tooth #2 has come in and Luke thinks its real cute to bite down on my nipple and play around when he's not real hungry. I'm lucky that he doesn't bite has hard as he can, but it still HURTS like a #$%. I yell OUCH, NO! and look down to see him grinning at me. WTF, it's not funny little man. If your not careful you'll loose all boob privileges, and I know you don't want to do THAT.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sit Up

Yes that's right, Luke is sitting up now. He can't quite get himself into a sitting position just yet, but he can hold himself up pretty well now and can even kinda catch himself when he starts to go over.

....crawling is just around the corner. EEK!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


T-Ball has begun. Jack is in heaven. I felt so bad for him on his first day, he whispered in my ear that he was Nervous and didn't want to go. As a mom, my heart swelled. That anxious feeling when you are starting something new. I thought to myself...Baby, you got a lifetime ahead of this kinda feeling, sorry. So I said, ok, how about we just go watch, you don't need to do anything at first. He agreed, and off we went. Of course we were late. But I think this was kinda good, because it wasn't so intimidating. We found the bucket lid with his name on it and I tried to catch him up. Then one of the dads came over and asked if he could help, and just took over. Jack went along. Then they moved onto the next drill, batting. I walked him over to the batting T's and asked him if he wanted me to stay there or go sit next to Katie. He told me to go sit next to Katie. Ahhhhh my boy IS growing up.

Saturday we had a scrimmage game. It was pretty cute to watch them all attempt to play baseball. The cool thing about T-ball is everyone bats, and everyone runs all the bases.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

So I did a little searching on the web for the history of St. Valentine's Day, and well, I was surprised. Surprised to find that there doesn't seem to be just one story. It looks like there were several St. Valentine's to which this holiday is a tribute. And none of them have much to do with LOVE. Interesting.

I've never been a big Valentine's day fan. I mean it's nice to acknowledge and remember the one you love. X wasn't a real romanitic, so maybe my expectations are low. I always did a little something for X. And Jack too. But rarely would I get more than a card in return. Which was ok, I was never heart broken by it ... like I said, low expectations.

I don't know if Soundman has anything planned, we are going to see eachother. I don't know if we are going out or staying in, either way is fine. But he absolutely made my day today with a text first thing this morning that said "Happy Valentine's day!" Ahhhhhh, so sweet. YAY. I'm easy to please, aren't I??

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Swallows Inn

Soundman did it ... what no man has ever gotten me to do before ... go two steppin' at the Swallows. HA. Now it's not like many men have tried, but lets just say I'm NOT a dancer. I was born with two left feet and the only dancing I've done is drunken club dancing in a mass of people ... so you can't really tell how bad I am. Or the mosh pit at a concert ... though I don't think that is really considered dancing. The Swallows used to be a pretty rough place. You didn't just hang out there. But it is in Orange County, so the crowd has changed. I actually had so much fun, still not a dancer. I'm sure Soundman's toes were sore on Saturday. Oh and I got to meet a few people that he used to go to high school with. That was pretty interesting, they were very nice, and all had VERY nice things to say about him.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Done with Match

So there was a little stress with Soundman before our date last week. I logged on to Match to see when we first met so I could get the blog updated, and was shocked and sad to see that his profile was active. Now I wouldn't normally expect someone to not be active at this point except that he had pulled it down before we even went out the first time, and he told me on our first date that I was his last hope for match, that he was done. So yeah, that sucked. I debated what to do about it all afternoon. We were still on for dinner, so I decided I'd wait for the right moment broach the subject.

He must have been able to tell there was something on my mind. Because he asked a couple times what I was thinking about before we even got to dinner. So the second he asked, while we were finishing our cocktails, I decided to go for it. I thought I'd throw up for a minute, I was scared that I was going to be rejected. Instead, I was suprised at how shaken Soundman was over the confrontation. I mean visibily shaken. He said he didn't want to talk about it at the bar, so we went outside to discuss while we walked to the restaurant where we would have dinner. His strong reaction had me worried, I assured him that I wasn't mad, but I was dissappointed. So we talked it out, he says he could see my profile and it said I was active in the last 24 hours, which should have been impossible because, #1 my profile was hidden, and #2 I hadn't had computer access in the week prior. But he said he could see me, and was immediately as disturbed about it as I was and thought I was back on the prowl, so he was going to go back too. Geez, that sucked. I assured him that I hadn't been on and that I didn't want to be. He said he didn't either. At the end of it all we both agreed to remove our profiles and be done with Match.

A good outcome, I think. I have to say that it is still hard for me to trust, just because I've been so burned in the past. But his reaction and feelings seemed genuine, so I'm going to put the past aside and just try to trust. To be honest I still think it's a little fishy, but he insisted that he doesn't want to be on there. So we'll see.

Oh and just an update, GQ and I have not gone out since he's been in town. Funny how things work out. I had really thought things would go somewhere with GQ, I guess the did ... they went no where! Ha, no that really isn't very funny. But strange. He called again on Saturday night, saying how much he misses me. I just gave it back to him, told him he had a funny way of showing me how much he liked me. And I told him I was dating someone else. So I guess that is another chapter I closed this weekend.

Friday, February 08, 2008

From the Beach to the Mountains

The move is complete. Well the physical act of moving is. I still have to unpack and organize my entire condo. Uncle R was able to hook me up with this really nice condo in Portola Hills. I live in the fricken mountains again ... or atleast it feels like it. I think the elevation is only about 1400 feet, but that's pretty significant since I was literally at sea level. It's really pretty out here, nestled at the base of Saddleback, there should be plenty of wild life around. Jack gave it the ok too, so that is cool. 2 pools in the community, and a great park just around the corner. I think this place is going to work out just fine. A fresh start, and one more chapter into my new life.

Friday, February 01, 2008


I should have been packing, but instead I wanted to play with Soundman. Went over to his place and watched Lost while we did lots 'o cuddling and kissing. I like him more everytime I'm around him. Oh and he worked on Lost for 3 seasons, so during the season opener where I got caught up on the show, he also gave me all the dirt on the different actors. So cool.

We've got a date next Friday. I can't wait to see him again.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Tooth

Luke's firth tooth broke through today. He's such a good baby, he's hardly fussed at all with this tooth. I can't believe he's got a tooth already. Seems like yesterday when I held him in my arms for the first time.

Today was also Jack's dental cleaning. So we had teeth on the brain! When we schedule Jack's next cleaning we also scheduled Luke's first dental appointment. They like to start early. LOVE Jack's dentist, they are the BEST.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Miss U

So this is Mr. GQ, yummy isn't he?! Haven't heard a thing since the weirdness a couple weeks ago. Got this text last night "Miss U". Sigh. I don't know what to think. I miss him. But now I've got Soundman on my mind too. Don't know if I can juggle 2 guys, don't know if I want to. GQ called when he was on his way home from the airport, wants to get together while he's here. I think I will see him if I can fit him in with the move and all. I have some things I need to say to him, that I think I need to say in person. I also want to measure the chemistry since I've been dating a couple other guys.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Met this totally cool guy on Match. Went on a date Friday night, then lunch on Saturday afternoon. We have many things in common. Parenting/Family seems to be right on target, his kids went to Waldorf/Journey ... yay. Like to eat the same foods, feel the same about healthy/organic cooking. He's a little older than I usually date, but not too old. Looking forward to getting to know him better, hope to have more to write about...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Training Him the RIGHT way

One of the greatest and scariest things about being a parent is your ability to influence your children and breed good habits (the scary part is the bad habits you unfortunately also teach them).

So this morning I'm getting ready for work, I go to drop the tissue that I used to remove my eye make up in the toilet and notice it's been a week since the toilet was cleaned. I don't really have time to do this before I leave for work, but figure I'll go ahead and squirt the bowl with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit. Jack comes in while I'm doing this and asks if he can clean the bowl. He then proceeds to tell me how to clean it and shows me how to get down in the hole real good. The following conversation ensues:

Jack "Aren't you glad I showed you that mama?"
Me "Yes Jack, thank you so much."
Jack "You didn't know how to do this before. You didn't know how to get it real clean in the hole"
Me "No Jack I didn't"
Jack "Don't you wish you had known how to do it so good before mama?"
Me "Yes Jack I do. Maybe you should be in charge of cleaning the toilets now since you do such a good job."
Jack "Ok mama, since you don't do it very good. I'm the best toilet cleaner in the world"
Me "Yes Jack, you ARE the best toilet cleaner in the world"
Jack "Can I use wood cleaner to do the seat, cause the seats made of wood?"
Me "Honey, you sure can"
Jack "Aren't you glad I showed you mama, so now when I'm not here, like when I'm with daddy, you'll know how to clean the toilet as good as me"
Me "That's great Jack, but you do such a good job, I think I'll just wait for you to come home"
Jack "Ok, mama, that's a good idea, so you don't mess it up"

Some day Jack's wife is going to LOVE me! Gotta start the brain washin' early!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yep, that's right, I have to move. I have to move from my beachy house a block from the ocean. SIGH. I'm really bummed. But I'm also a little excited, I get to make a fresh start. First I won't be living in the home I shared with the X. Secondly, it will force him to finally get all his crap outa' my place. And lastly, as much as I love the location of my house and it seems really cute, the place is a dump. The landlords are just one step up from slum lords.

I don't know where we're going to end up. Looks like I'm going to have to downsize (which is great since it will save me lots 'o $$) but all in all I think it's gonna be ok. The thing I'm REALLY worried about is the dog, most the listings I'm seeing don't allow dogs at all or dogs over 25lbs.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Local Guy

So he sent a text with his picture on his way out of town today that said "Me in morning fair warning" I thought how sweet, replied back "I still like... I'm not a morning person either" and thought to myself ... that's a good sign. Then the other screen comes up for text messaging and shows he sent it to like 6 other numbers. Granted I don't know who the other numbers belong to, I assume other girls he's chatting with. Because why would you send a message like that to your buddy, or your mom??

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it a full moon or something?

So I have one post almost complete introducing GQ and he trips out on me. Since I'm not sure where that is going to end up I'm not going to bother to introduce him. Not to say that he isn't worthy, just that if there isn't going to be any more to write about him then why bother. Can't say I'm not a little bummed at yesterdays encounter. But if it's supposed to work out, then it will.

Then there is, local guy, haven't gotten to introduce him yet either. Last night we met at the love nest and were getting cozy when he trips out on me too. All the sudden he's not sure about the kid thing with me, since they are so young and his are older. And not sure about where he stands on dating, not sure if he's ready. WTF? Why you on Match dude? Anyway, we did have a good talk and resumed getting cozy. His grandmother just past away and he's heading out on a road trip to her funeral in Utah. He's going to take the few days away to think about things ... we'll see if he calls.

What's going on with these guys? Two in one day?? Oh well, what will be, will be. ...Guess I'm going to have re-up my subscription to ... bummer.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

This Dating Thing

So I said this blog would contain some dating content ... guess I better get on that.

Where, oh where, do I start?? Let's see, how about a little background. I was married to my High School Sweetheart, Mike. We met when I was 14, just turning 15. That should tell you just how much "dating" experience I have. I have never really dated ... ever. So I decided to try on-line dating. I signed up on I chose this route for a couple reasons. First, I don't have time to hang out at bars or clubs trying to meet someone ... and I'm pretty sure that isn't the kind of guy I'm looking for. Secondly, it's a good pre-screening process. We can exchange a few emails, and a couple phone calls before we meet. Kind of have a good idea what I'm getting into before that first date. I was amazed at how many guys you can weed out this way.

There are all these weird rules and games, and I'm not sure what the fuck I'm doing. I know for sure, I hate the games, what's this shit where you're supposed to wait to call someone after a date? I mean, you either like them or you don't...period. Why does a guy think he needs to wait 2 days to call me if he likes me? Who made that up? The part that is really hard for me is that I just say what I'm thinking, I'm pretty open ... that is hard for some. But really, I'm not interested in dating 100 guys, I just want to find the right guy and pray that I don't have to date 100 guys to find him. I've been on a handful of first dates, I think 6 or 7. Only 2 of them have gotten to date #2. Let me share some of my experiences ....

The guy with 6 kids - Yes that's right 6 kids!!!!!! OMG, way too many, I don't know if it was a good or bad thing, but they came from 3 different wives. Needless to say I now ask how many kids and how many marriages in the first couple conversations. Also, I didn't like his voice when we spoke on the phone ... that should have been my first clue that he wasn't the one! NEXT

Fat Ass Chiropractor - Now, I'm not one to be a stickler about weight, I mean I've got a few to loose myself. But the pictures on my profile are current. I don't think you really gained 50lbs in the last 6 months ... and if you did, well you've got an even bigger problem. Don't start out lying from the start, is that so much to ask? I was really disappointed in this guy ... I so wanted free chiropractic care...anyway. NEXT

Newly Divorced - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, we've all just come out of a bad relationship. Seriously, you need to be OVER the person you just left before you jump back in the dating pool. I think it's good to review the BIG reasons why you split from your last (one or two) relationships, but it shouldn't be part of every conversation you have with your new prospects. NEXT

Dance Card - First, if you're only 5'9" then say that on your profile ... especially if you are going to tell me you lied on the first date. I'm only 5' 2" ... I'd probably never know or ask how tall you are. No connection after the kiss, but he seemed nice enough ... I would have considered a 2nd date, but I certainly wasn't calling up Kim after the date saying how great it was. So then later in the week I get this email with some lame ass line about his dance card is filling up and has a bunch of dates (dude you're not that cute) to get through, so that is why he wouldn't be calling right away. It was hard to tell if I was being blown off, just weird. Kim and I had a good laugh about it! I mean really, the spark is either there or it isn't, right? If you aren't into me, that is fine ... be honest about it, odds are I'm not really into you either! NEXT

To Date or Not to Date - This guy was all right, we had a fun date. Laughed a lot, there was a little spark. He asked me out on a 2nd date, just after our kiss. And I'm not talking date date, he was willing to go to my work Christmas Party just to spend a little time with me ... Good sign right? Says, I'll call you tomorrow. Ok, cool. I mean, he was nice and I would have liked to get to know him better, but he was kind of runner up to Mr. GQ (we'll talk about him later, he'll get his own post). I felt a little bad about that, since he told me that he doesn't like to date more than one person at a time. I didn't say anything on the subject either way, but did feel a little bad that I would be dating him and Mr. GQ. Maybe he sensed something ... I don't know. But I got an email later in the week, after he didn't call, saying that his heart wasn't into the on-line dating thing, and he was just going to stay single for the time being. First, what does meeting on-line have to do with actually dating someone? Second, why'd ya ask me out if you want to be single? If you aren't into me, that is fine ... be honest about it. NEXT

Well there are two more men to discuss, but these guys have some potential and will be getting their own posts where I'll go into more detail.

Fucking Hilarious!

I came across this site a few weeks ago when I was doing a little research on becoming a lactation consultant.

I'm not sure if you will appreciate this as much as I do if you have not experienced breastfeeding, but this brought me to tears I laughed so hard

43 Things

I recently put this list together based on a discussion topic of a womens group I'm a part of. I'm sure there are more than 43 things I'd like to do before I die, but for now, these are the ones that come to mind and feel the most important.

1.Be a great mom
2.Raise my children to be wonderful human beings ... spouses, parents
3.Have another child
4.Be a grandparent and touch the lives of my grandchildren the way my grandparents touched my life
5.Be the wife I always wanted to be
6.Fall in Love ... forever this time
7.Be Loved
8.Let myself be vulnerable
9.Completely trust God's plan for me
10.Have a home I'm proud of
11.Host frequent dinner parties ... where I cook all the food
12.Learn to make Sushi
13.Learn proper cutting/chopping techniques in the kitchen
14.Own a really good set of knives
15.Do a better job of keeping in touch with my long distance friends
16.Go to the statue of liberty
17.See all 50 states.
18.Travel the world
19.Vacation in Maldives
20.Learn to Ski
21.Learn to play the piano
22.Own a piano
23.Finish my SCUBA certification
24.To always send a proper Thank You note
25.To live completely Organic
26.Have a good FICO score
27.Save enough money to really retire
28.Help those less fortunate than me on a regular basis
29.Eat sushi in Japan
30.Read all the classics
31.Make a difference in someone's life
32.Always see the beauty in all of God's creations
33.Pet a tiger
34.Swim with a dolphin
35.Attend a birth
36.Be a lactation consultant
37.Be a good friend
38.Learn another language
39.Learn to Ice Skate
40.Ice Skate at Rockefeller center
41.Remember to cherish everyday
42.Make amends with those I've wronged
43.Be truly happy with myself

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Luke - 5 months

It's hard to believe Luke is 5 months old today. When I think back to his birth I can still intensley feel my anxiety after they started my epidural, when I wanted to get up and walk out of the OR. Good thing I was numb from the waist down AND strapped to the table YIKES! I was afraid of being a new mom alone. It didn't take long before I knew there was nothing to be afraid of. By the time evening had come around and most of the meds had worn off I already knew what a blessing and special baby he was going to be. Jack will always be my first, and Luke... it was just the two of us our own and we're doing it! I was afraid, I worried that I'd have enough love to be both mom and dad to him, but I soon realized there was nothing to worry about. He is a happy little guy and he KNOWS he is loved so much. He's teething right now, Grammie called to say that he wasn't having a very good day... sorry little man. It's a good thing babies can't remember how much pain those teeth cause. Anyway, Happy Birthday to you Lukey! Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know.

Love Quote 1/2/08

Can't say I'm finding these on my own, they're part of my igoogle page content, but some of them are pretty good.

"Love is a minefield. You take a step and get blown to pieces, put yourself back together again and stupidly take another step. I guess that's human nature. It hurts so much to be alone that we'd all rather blow up than be single". Kate Welles (Famke Janssen) in Love & Sex (2000)

New Years Resolutions Anyone?

I don't normally do the resolution thing, but things are changing around here, so why not? I'm sure there are many more that should be on here, but I don't want to let myself down too much by not achieving them ... keep the list short and sweet!

1. Loose the last 10 baby lbs.

2. Loose the last 10 lbs that I wanted to loose before Luke! (The men in my life think I'm going to be too skinny if I drop 20lbs, I've assured them that I'll still be plenty soft & curvy at 125lbs!!! Gotta love a man who loves ALL of me )

3. Meal Planning / Cooking ahead (Cook a couple big meals over the weekends then eat as left overs during the week)

4. Faith - REALLY try to find a church that meets my needs/desires

5. Give up Soda ... namely Dr. Pepper (I don't really want to do this, but I know it's not good for me ... it's my one guilty pleasure ... maybe I won't give it up??)

6. Do a better job of keeping in touch with Long Distance friends & Family

7. Be better at acknowledging the birthday's and anniversaries of my friends an family (I'm already ahead of the game on this one ... got a year membership to

8. Write and SEND thank you notes ... I'm just terrible at this, everyone must think I'm ungrateful!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 is going to be GREAT

So I haven't posted in F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Not that I had an regular readers, but it's nice for me to keep my thoughts in one place. It's been a year since I've really posted anything of substance...that's gonna change. My mom always told me if I didn't have anything nice to say than I shouldn't say it ... and well this past year, I didn't feel like I had anything nice to say. There would have been lots of swearing at X and saying how much I hate him. True feelings at the time, but certainly not constructive. ANYWAY, I'm starting a new year, and an new attitude (actually the new attitude has been around for a while). Here's what I sent out in my New Years Greeting for 2008 ... this sums things up pretty good, then I'll start blogging for real again!!

This time last year I was quite afraid of what 2007 would bring me, I had no idea what the future had in store for me. I had just found out I was pregnant, on top of facing the sad reality that my marriage really was over. I remember sitting with Kim and telling her how scared I was to be facing the new year and a new life. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to handle it. Kim, thank you for being my rock this year, I don’t think I’d be here in the positive state I am with out you. So here it is the close of 2007, as it turns out it wasn't so bad. I was blessed with another perfect baby boy, and Jack who has been such a treasure and the best big brother in the world. Jack is such a special boy, I don’t think he knows how wonderful he is, so much wiser and stronger than his 5 years of life, he’s definitely an old soul. And Autumn, I need to thank you too … my other rock and voice of reason. You assured me that I would be able to date with a new baby…and you were right, breastfeeding isn’t an issue. So yeah, 2007 has turned out pretty great. There were some rough parts, that’s for sure, but the blessings and sweet memories far out number the negative. It was a year of transition. 2008 will continue to be a year of transition, while I finish finding my old self, and making a new life for my family. I’m looking forward to 2008 and all the new memories and fun which awaits me. I have a couple of new friends, who I'm looking forward to getting to know a lot better. A year of firsts with Luke; his first tooth, his first steps, his first words. First for Jack too, he’s going to playing his first team sport this year, T-Ball starts in February. He’ll also start school next fall. Oh how I love being a mom!

I will ring in the new year quietly and peacefully tonight. I will be thinking of you all tonight, and always. I hope you are looking forward to 2008 as much as I am. The best is yet to come.

Good Will

All my best,