Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Swallows Inn

Soundman did it ... what no man has ever gotten me to do before ... go two steppin' at the Swallows. HA. Now it's not like many men have tried, but lets just say I'm NOT a dancer. I was born with two left feet and the only dancing I've done is drunken club dancing in a mass of people ... so you can't really tell how bad I am. Or the mosh pit at a concert ... though I don't think that is really considered dancing. The Swallows used to be a pretty rough place. You didn't just hang out there. But it is in Orange County, so the crowd has changed. I actually had so much fun, still not a dancer. I'm sure Soundman's toes were sore on Saturday. Oh and I got to meet a few people that he used to go to high school with. That was pretty interesting, they were very nice, and all had VERY nice things to say about him.

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