Monday, February 11, 2008

Done with Match

So there was a little stress with Soundman before our date last week. I logged on to Match to see when we first met so I could get the blog updated, and was shocked and sad to see that his profile was active. Now I wouldn't normally expect someone to not be active at this point except that he had pulled it down before we even went out the first time, and he told me on our first date that I was his last hope for match, that he was done. So yeah, that sucked. I debated what to do about it all afternoon. We were still on for dinner, so I decided I'd wait for the right moment broach the subject.

He must have been able to tell there was something on my mind. Because he asked a couple times what I was thinking about before we even got to dinner. So the second he asked, while we were finishing our cocktails, I decided to go for it. I thought I'd throw up for a minute, I was scared that I was going to be rejected. Instead, I was suprised at how shaken Soundman was over the confrontation. I mean visibily shaken. He said he didn't want to talk about it at the bar, so we went outside to discuss while we walked to the restaurant where we would have dinner. His strong reaction had me worried, I assured him that I wasn't mad, but I was dissappointed. So we talked it out, he says he could see my profile and it said I was active in the last 24 hours, which should have been impossible because, #1 my profile was hidden, and #2 I hadn't had computer access in the week prior. But he said he could see me, and was immediately as disturbed about it as I was and thought I was back on the prowl, so he was going to go back too. Geez, that sucked. I assured him that I hadn't been on and that I didn't want to be. He said he didn't either. At the end of it all we both agreed to remove our profiles and be done with Match.

A good outcome, I think. I have to say that it is still hard for me to trust, just because I've been so burned in the past. But his reaction and feelings seemed genuine, so I'm going to put the past aside and just try to trust. To be honest I still think it's a little fishy, but he insisted that he doesn't want to be on there. So we'll see.

Oh and just an update, GQ and I have not gone out since he's been in town. Funny how things work out. I had really thought things would go somewhere with GQ, I guess the did ... they went no where! Ha, no that really isn't very funny. But strange. He called again on Saturday night, saying how much he misses me. I just gave it back to him, told him he had a funny way of showing me how much he liked me. And I told him I was dating someone else. So I guess that is another chapter I closed this weekend.

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