Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it a full moon or something?

So I have one post almost complete introducing GQ and he trips out on me. Since I'm not sure where that is going to end up I'm not going to bother to introduce him. Not to say that he isn't worthy, just that if there isn't going to be any more to write about him then why bother. Can't say I'm not a little bummed at yesterdays encounter. But if it's supposed to work out, then it will.

Then there is, local guy, haven't gotten to introduce him yet either. Last night we met at the love nest and were getting cozy when he trips out on me too. All the sudden he's not sure about the kid thing with me, since they are so young and his are older. And not sure about where he stands on dating, not sure if he's ready. WTF? Why you on Match dude? Anyway, we did have a good talk and resumed getting cozy. His grandmother just past away and he's heading out on a road trip to her funeral in Utah. He's going to take the few days away to think about things ... we'll see if he calls.

What's going on with these guys? Two in one day?? Oh well, what will be, will be. ...Guess I'm going to have re-up my subscription to Match.com ... bummer.

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