Thursday, January 03, 2008

43 Things

I recently put this list together based on a discussion topic of a womens group I'm a part of. I'm sure there are more than 43 things I'd like to do before I die, but for now, these are the ones that come to mind and feel the most important.

1.Be a great mom
2.Raise my children to be wonderful human beings ... spouses, parents
3.Have another child
4.Be a grandparent and touch the lives of my grandchildren the way my grandparents touched my life
5.Be the wife I always wanted to be
6.Fall in Love ... forever this time
7.Be Loved
8.Let myself be vulnerable
9.Completely trust God's plan for me
10.Have a home I'm proud of
11.Host frequent dinner parties ... where I cook all the food
12.Learn to make Sushi
13.Learn proper cutting/chopping techniques in the kitchen
14.Own a really good set of knives
15.Do a better job of keeping in touch with my long distance friends
16.Go to the statue of liberty
17.See all 50 states.
18.Travel the world
19.Vacation in Maldives
20.Learn to Ski
21.Learn to play the piano
22.Own a piano
23.Finish my SCUBA certification
24.To always send a proper Thank You note
25.To live completely Organic
26.Have a good FICO score
27.Save enough money to really retire
28.Help those less fortunate than me on a regular basis
29.Eat sushi in Japan
30.Read all the classics
31.Make a difference in someone's life
32.Always see the beauty in all of God's creations
33.Pet a tiger
34.Swim with a dolphin
35.Attend a birth
36.Be a lactation consultant
37.Be a good friend
38.Learn another language
39.Learn to Ice Skate
40.Ice Skate at Rockefeller center
41.Remember to cherish everyday
42.Make amends with those I've wronged
43.Be truly happy with myself

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