Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sad Mama

Jack left yesterday for a trip to his Grandparents house in Georgia. Cheryl came in Tuesday night and took him back yesterday. This was his first time flying across the country. I was a little nervous that I wasn't with him. But I knew he'd be fine. He's adjusting well and having lots of fun with his grandparents, so that makes me happy. I got news this morning that he had 8 Oreo cookies for dinner last night, with a glass of milk. Oy. I guess that's the fun part of going away to grandma's house ... you get SPOILED to death!

It was so quiet last night. Luke kept looking around for Jack. I must say though, that Luke did enjoy scooting around the house and not being stepped on or tripped over once by his big bro. But I imagine he'll be missing him soon, just like me.

Jack doesn't come home until the 19th. That seems so far away. SIGH.

I'm just glad he's got his cell phone and can call me whenever he wants.

I miss my boy.

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