Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Conversations with Jack

So last night Jack and I were sitting in the swing at my parents house and talking about the trip he's going to be taking to Georgia. I was explaining that he's going to be all the way on the other side of the United States and how it's really far away. And how he'll fly over lots of mountains, lakes, and rivers. He's listening with wonder. This is a big and exciting trip for him.

Then he turns to me and says "Mom, have you heard about Middle America?", I reply "Yes" and wondering what exactly he is talking about. Then he says "You know they got wiped out by a flood, and now they are rebuilding" I say "Yes, I did hear about that" and then he says, with a very excited yet serious tone "Yeah, they're rebuiding and they're doing things different this time, they're going Green Mom."

He's such a crack up. It's funny the things he picks up. But this story made an impact, and that is a good thing. We proceeded to have a really good conversation about what it meant to live Green.

I'm going to miss him this next week.

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