Saturday, July 15, 2006

Summer Time Knitting

As usual, our house is an oven in the summer, so we spend most of our time on the front patio. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. We have a beautiful view, and the ocean breeze is delightful, we live in paradise and I know it. It's just that somewhere along the way they said that when you live in paradise you don't need a/c. Well they are wrong. See with the spectacular sunset view through the 9 windows that allow us this luxury they not only let us see out, but also let the sunset in. From about 2pm until 8pm the house is pretty much unbearable. When it's a breezey 78 on the patio, it's a stifling 88 in the house. The thing is, of the windows that afford us this spectacular view, only 5 of them open, and they are the small ones. You combine that with the fact our little flat roofed house was built in 1952 and has a lot of Ole Hanson touches, it all adds up to very little circulation inside. I know, I know, no complaining, I live a block from the beach. Really life is good.

So anyway, most of my summer time knitting is conducted out front, which isn't too shabby. Jack has one of those sand and water tables and a pool out there, so I really only have to contend with an occasional splash of water or a few grains of sand. This is how I spent the 4th of July. I sat here knitting, gazing out at the beautiful sky, the briny breeze also carried traces of the roses I picked from our rose bush below. I really enjoy the time I get to sit and knit outside. We have very little street noise so it is quite peaceful up here.

The dreadful heat of summer demands lace knitting that's for sure. Good thing I caught the lace bug and am not sweltering under Mike's Aran ... that will wait for cooler temperatures! I finally understand the need for a safety line. Yeah, tinking back 5 rows of lace was no fun at all! But there is no way I'm experienced enough to pull of something like this. So it's a safety line for me all the way! This is the Candle Flame Shawl from Knit Picks, I'm using Shimmer in Morning Mist. In my book it's a pretty complex pattern with a 36 row repeat. I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to make a shawl for myself.

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