Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's always about needles and fiber

My grandmother on my dad's side was a seamstress. She taught me to sew so long ago that I don't even remember actually learning, my early memories of sewing are of sitting at her machine and making diapers for our dolls with her scrap fabric. She would show me how to make decorative edges or sew on lace. The funny thing is I don't actually remember putting my dolls in the diapers, only making them. Maybe Steph did, I don't know. I was too busy absorbing what Grandma was telling me. She never taught me about stash, but she had a stash! I guess that was one of those things you used to keep to yourself. I don't think anybody new the extent of it, except me, until after she died last year and my mom and sister packed up her room and set aside all her sewing related things for me, including her stash :)

I haven't sewn much in the last 4 years. I've had her machine in my home for about a year and only used it one or two times. Tonight I finished the Duvet Cover for our new Bed. I was getting quite frustrated as my thread kept breaking. The Huskavarna is a temperamental bitch, if you accidentally brush the tension knob or look at her wrong she'll mess with you for the rest of the day. As I kept re-threading the needle I thought a lot about Grandma, thinking about the last few times she used the machine she had asked me to thread it for her. I kept wondering what the heck was wrong I KNOW I hadn't touched anything, I know better! I finally decided maybe I should change the needle, and wouldn't you know that did the trick! Amazing, so I'm sitting there thinking about all those hours sitting at this table and machine with Grandma and I never remember having to change a needle because it was dull, I've broke plenty, but never just wore one out. Grandma must have always changed them, I was just never around. Then I realized that needle I had just set aside, was put in there by my Grandma. I don't know why it affected me so much, but it brought me to tears. I feel so close to her when I'm sewing, like she's looking just over my shoulder like she always used to, I can almost smell the coffee on her breath. I just miss her so much, so many fun and silly memories. She had such an influence in my life. I never would have thought those hours spent sewing my prom dress or that orange bikini would have moved me so much right now.

Last week I finished the window and shower curtains for our bathroom ... Also in Aloha. I found a great online resource here for Hawaiian prints. They have a great selection, the fabric is great quality and the prices are awesome! In the bathroom I will also sew a border on white towels with this same fabric.

In our bedroom, the final touch will be a headboard that I'm making, I'll post a picture of our completed rooms and bathroom.

Jack's room is also getting an update. He chose a cool fabric with Woody's and Surf boards. There are also a few more accent pieces I'm going to pick up to go along with our aloha beach theme. I found the pattern for the duvet's here.

Oh and the sewing machine needle. I put it in my jewelry box, for some reason I just can't bear to throw it in the trash. I'm sure in 50 years when my kids are cleaning out my room they'll come across it and think I was sure a batty old lady with one heck of a fiber addiction! Hopefully I'll have a grand daughter that won't judge me like I didn't judge my grandma, and she feel honored to be inheriting all of my fiber related items.

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