Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Did you vote today?

If not, there is still time. It's important to go out and make sure your voice is heard. For those of you in California, it's even more important because we have to get the Terminator out of office ASAP! He is destroying California and our schools.

I've always wondered why people always feel like its a burden to go vote. Have we forgotten that it is a right and a privilege? That our ancestors fought for it, they came to this country to start a new society where they had choices and impact on how they lived. That today soldiers are still fighting and dying in the name of freedom. That freedom is a right to be heard to have your say. Even if you have to stand in line, maybe it's an hour or two out of your life. But at least it's for the greater good. Who hasn't stood in line for hours for concert tickets? Or even to go to opening night of a movie?

I've never understood why it is a burden. When I was young my grandparents used to host polling for their neighborhood. So we'd spend all day there watching people vote. Watching the whole process at work. Later I remember my grandfather telling a story about why he is a democrat. It was Roosevelt that allowed him to save his farm and his family. They literally didn't have food on the table, and had told us how ashamed he felt when he had to accept charity from a neighbor just to feed his family. Soon after a bill was passed that funded farming. My grandfather was able to buy the equipment and live stock he needed to run a successful dairy farm. I was already registered democrat at the time, but that sealed the deal for me. Today when I went to the polls, as always, it brought back fond memories of my grandparents and sitting in there garage running the polls. I miss them so much, and I am so proud of them and their contribution to society. And they put in the time and effort to make this a great place to live for me and our future generations.

I'll get off my soap box, after one last comment. I hope that you vote in support of the same candidates and issues as I. However, it is most important that you just get out there and vote, even if it opposes my views.

God Bless America.

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