Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Introducing Arleigh's Summer Swing Top!

I have to brag. I think this turned out GREAT!! I'm so pleased with this. The yarn was wonderful to work with. The pattern was pretty easy to follow. I'm sure my difficulties were just my lack of knitting experience. But hey, I can't knit scarves forever! I live in Southern California for heaven's sake! And I've never been into following the rules, if I'm in to something I jump in with both feet!

Anyway, I tried it on Jack, he wouldn't let me take a picture (what's up with that? Isn't he too young to realize I put him in a girls shirt??) but it's going to look great on Arleigh. I wish her birthday wasn't so far away (August). I intended on making it a gift when I started found the pattern and yarn, I honestly thought it would take me a lot longer. Well she may just have to get it earlier:) I've always been like that, when I get a really cool gift for someone I just can't stand it and always give it ealier. Dh and I were terrible for years, we always opened Christmas gifts early!

I still need to block it so the hem doesn't curl so much. But overall I'd call this a success!

Summer Swing Top

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