Friday, May 13, 2005

Lesson Mimosa's and Knitting are not a good idea for beginning knitters...

So on Mother's day I took Jack's sweater to work on at my mom's house. Thought this will be perfect, sit around with the family knit a little, sip mimosa's.... NOT I haven't picked up the sweater since Sunday (I've been working on Arleigh's top since I have a deadline for that project) so it's time to start making decreases for the arm holes... and I notice that the SS part of the pattern in the section below is bigger than the one I'm working on. So I think, well I'm knew, so maybe the gauge of my stiches is just that uneven. It can't be that bad, right ... so I count, and let me tell you this yarn is hard to see, I felt like I was going cross eyed, but I count 16 rows, not 12. UGH. So rip-it I go through 2 whole sections of pattern work. YUK!! I won't make that mistake again. No consumption of adult beverages while I'm knitting until I can learn to handle my liquor AND my needles at the same time! I'm putting this down and will come back to it later when I'm not so frustrated!

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